• The Yamazaki Teiichi Prize

The Yamazaki Teiichi Prize

About The Yamazaki Teiichi Prize

Since its establishment in August 1984, the Foundation has deployed wide-ranging activities geared toward our aim: To conduct basic research on new materials in leading areas of science and technology and advance material science and technology by analyzing and evaluating new materials, thus contributing to Japan's socioeconomic growth and improved quality of life for the populace.
Foundation for the Promotion of  Material Science and Technology of Japan's Yamazaki-Teiichi Prize(hereinafter referred to as "The Yamazaki-Teiichi Prize") aims to contribute to improved science and technology standards as well as increased awareness in these fields. The prize was established in commemoration of the late Teiichi Yamazaki, the first chairman of the MST's Board of Directors, for his contributions to scientific, technological and industrial development and human resource cultivation.

Teiichi Yamazaki

Introducing Mr. Teiichi Yamazaki.


Introducing committee of Yamazaki Teiichi Prize.

Award diploma

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