• The Yamazaki Teiichi Prize

The Yamazaki Teiichi Prize

About The Yamazaki Teiichi Prize

  The Foundation was established in August 1984 for the purpose of "promoting material science technology by performing basic research related to new materials in advanced science and technology fields, and conducting analysis and evaluation of new materials, in order to contribute to the development of the socioeconomic growth of Japan and improve the quality of the daily lives of people." At the time of establishment, the Foundation mainly focused on analysis and evaluation of hard materials including semiconductor materials. However, the subjects have now expanded into soft materials, such as pharmaceuticals and food products where projects have spread making full use of computing science and AI, not only instrumental analysis.
  The Yamazakii-Teiichi Prize was founded in 2001 in commemoration of the late Teiichi Yamazaki, the first Chairman of MST's Board of Directors for his achievements in science, technology and industrial development, and his contributions to the development of human resources with the aim of contributing to improvements in the level of science and technology, and its dissemination and edification. The candidates of the award are those who have achieved outstanding creative results which lead to practical applications through the publication of technical papers, acquisition of patents, development of methods and technology.

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