Award diploma

Award Diploma

Outside Inside
Outside Inside

Citation on the right hand, award diploma on the left hand.

Testimonial( in the left-hand side)

Quality of paper was chosen as reference for the Japanese paper which currently used for the decoration. The character is a handwritten brush.

Picture ( in the right-hand side)

The sexagenary cycle (ETO in Japanese) of each award year was adopted as a picture of a award diploma by suggestion of Masujima, a chairman of MST's board of directors.

Morikazu Kumagai
1880年 Born in Gifu prefecture Morikazu Kumagaya
1900年 Graduation from Tokyo Bijyutsu school(Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music)
1964年 A Morikazu Kumagai large private exhibition was opened at DAVITTO E GARNIER art gallery sponsorship of Paris on May.
1967年 Although he was unofficially notified the Order of Culture winner, he declined saying "It was troubled if people come more than used to. Then at the age of 87
1972年 He declined, although there was an unofficial announcement of conferment of a decoration
1977年 Passed away on August 1 (died at the age of 97)