Business Description


Foundation for Promotion of Material Science and Technology of Japan.


In addition to conducting basic research on materials in the field of science and technology, the aim is to promote materials science and technology by conducting analysis and evaluation of materials, thereby contributing to the development of Japanese economy and society and the improvement of people's lives.


August 1, 1984

Amount of Property

Basic assets: about 2.7 billion yen


  • Tokyo Headquarters: 1-18-6, Kitami, Setagaya Ku, Tokyo
  • Osaka Branch: Shin-Osaka front Bld.7F, 4-1-9, Miyahara, Osaka Shi Yodogawa Ku, Osaka
  • Nagoya Branch: Ichigonagoya Bld.3F, 4-24-8, Meieki, Nagoya Shi Nakamura Ku, Aichi
  • Sendai Branch: Sendaimarusen Bld.9F, 2-10-12, Chuo , Sendai Shi Aoba Ku, Miyagi
  • Kitakami Sales Office: IwateJishoKitakamiEkimae Bld.3F,2-3-8 , Odori, Kitakami Shi, Iwate
  • Nirasaki Sales Office: Fujii Office C, 647-1 Minami-Shigejo, Fujii-cho, Nirasaki City, Yamanashi
  • Fukushima Branch Office: Sitazifunogawa1-3 FukusimakenHighTecPlaza FukusTecSupportCenter, Sakurashimo, Fukushima Shi, Fukushima
  • Karuizawa Office: 5605-29, Nagakura, Kitasaku Gun Karuizawa Machi, Nagano

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Business Year

April 1 - March 31 of the following year

Business Area

  1. Fundamental research, analysis, and evaluation of materials in the field of science and technology.
  2. Basic research, analysis, and evaluation of semiconductors, physiology, biochemistry, biotechnology, and other advanced fields.
  3. Awards and support for research institutes and individuals in related fields in Japan and abroad, as listed in items 1.and 2.
  4. Publication or support for publication of research results, etc. listed in items 1.and 2.
  5. Research in the relevant fields listed in items 1. and 2.
  6. To conduct and support training in the related fields or to operate a training center listed in items 1.and 2.
  7. Any other necessary business to achieve the purpose.

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