Non-destructive inspection / failure analysis

X-ray Computed Tomography

By irradiating the sample with X-rays, a two-dimensional transmission image of the internal structure of the sample can be obtained. In addition, X-ray CT (computed tomography) images are constructed from the continuous imaging data of the rotated sample.

[C-SAM] Constant-depth mode Scanning Acoustic Microscorpe

C-SAM is a method for nondestructive observation of defects, such as delamination, in a sample.

[EMS] Emission Microscopy

EMS is a method for detecting the faint light emission generated by abnormal operation of semiconductor devices to quickly identify the failure location, also known as EMMS, PEM or EMI.

[OBIRCH] Optical Beam Induced Resistance Change

OBIRCH is a method to identify the defective point by using the change in resistance caused by the heat generated by shining light on the defective point.

Lock-in thermal emission

The lock-in heat analysis method detects a slight temperature increase in the current path.

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