X-ray diffraction

[XRD] X-ray Diffraction

When an analytical sample is irradiated with X-rays of a certain wavelength, the scattered X-rays show a diffraction pattern unique to the material, depending on the arrangement of atoms and molecules of the material. XRD is a technique to determine the lattice constants of the components of a material from these diffraction patterns.

[XRR] X-ray Reflectance

In the XRR, an X-ray is incident at an extremely shallow angle on the surface of a sample, and the X-ray intensity profile reflected in the direction of the incident angle versus the specular plane is measured. This method determines the thickness and density of the sample by comparing the profile obtained from this measurement with the simulation results and optimizing the simulation parameters.

[SAXS] Small Angle X-ray Scattering

SAXS is an analytical method to evaluate the structure of a material by measuring X-rays scattered by irradiating it with X-rays that appear in the low-angle region of 2<10° or less. In general, structures with sizes ranging from a few nm to several tens of nm can be evaluated.

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