Environmental Initiatives

MST aims at contributing to society by considering environmental preservation activity as one of our top priorities.

Saving resources and energy

  • Increase in ownership ratio of hybrid vehicles
    Environmental load will be reduced by changing MST's vehicles to hybrid vehicles.
  • No idling
    We are working to save energy and prevent air pollution by performing no idling of vehicles.
  • Energy saving in workplace
    We are promoting reduction of lighting power by introducing lighting with motion detector.

Recycling promotion

  • Increase in recycling ratio of recyclable waste
    We are aiming at improving the recycling ratio by sorting waste into various categories such as cans Pet bottles, bottles and mix paper.
  • Industrial waste management
    Environmental load will be reduced by appropriate management of industrial waste such as chemicals.
  • Rooftop greening
    By setting a flower bed on the rooftop, we are aiming to mitigate the heat island phenomenon.

Consultation and application for analysis

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