ISO 10002 Self-Declaration of Conformity

"Customer satisfaction" is the basis of our management, and MST declares that we will respond to customers in accordance with the international standard ISO 10002 (Complaints Management System). MST obtained the certification of ISO 10002 (Complaints Management System)(∗1)an international standard, in August 2010. Since the management system was re-certified in August 2013 after its operation, we judged that the operation of the management system had taken root, and we made a self-declaration of conformity to ISO 10002(∗2)in October 2014(∗3).
In order to ensure that our customers will continue to patronize MST, we take your feedback very seriously. In addition, we will strive to improve our customer service by utilizing ISO 10002 in accordance with the self-declaration of conformity, and we will work to further satisfy our customers."

ISO10002: An international standard established by the International Organization for Standardization, which provides guidelines for companies and organizations to respond appropriately and promptly to customer complaints in order to increase customer satisfaction.

Self-declaration of conformity: ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 are standards that are certified by a third party auditing organization, but ISO 10002 is a guideline for establishing a system that conforms to the standard and declaring its conformity on its own responsibility. It is required to continuously improve the conformity level through actual operation of the system, internal audit, etc.

Tokyo Head Office, Osaka, Nagoya and Sendai Branch Offices only

CMS Basic Policy

※CMS:Complaints handling Management System,

We recognize that complaints from our customers are our top priority issue, and we will respond to them sincerely and promptly, and will take their comments seriously to continuously improve our "customer service" and "internal systems". The following seven items have been established as action guidelines for responding to complaints.

  1. We recognize that responding to your complaints is a top priority for all of us.
  2. We will always consider your rights and respect your rights in responding to your complaints.
  3. We understand that your complaints are directed to the entire foundation, and we will work together to respond to your complaints thoroughly and responsibly.
  4. Regardless of the content of your request, we will equally deal with the request.
  5. We will comply with laws and regulations and take a resolute response to any unreasonable demands.
  6. We take your feedbacks very seriously and use them to provide better service so that we will never receive the same complaint again.
  7. Your personal information will be strictly protected."

1 January 2020

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