How to Send a Sample

The following is a summary of how to send samples to MST for analysis. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


Elemental Analysis

Please send a sample in a single sheet case, an FOSB or a chip case.

Organic Pollution Assessment

If possible, please prepare two identical samples, place a sample's surface on the other's surface and wrap them twice in a matte surface of aluminum foil.

Small Fragment Sample

If a sample requires careful handling with tweezers, please put the sample in a clear zuppered bag that can be seen from the outside; the weighing paper may flick the sample away; the chip case may have static electricity, which makes it impossible to take out the sample. For organic contamination evaluation, please contact us saparately.

Powder Sample

Please send a sample in a small bottle, a weighing paper or a zipper bag.

Liquid Sample

Fill a screw cap container with a sample. If the sample amount is very small, we can lend you special containers.

Biological Sample

Wrap a sample in aluminum foil, put it in a zipper bag, place them in a styrofoam container with package cushioning or dry ice (if not, ice packs) and send them by frozen parcel delivery service. If humidity control is required, please attach the sample to a glass slide, place it in a conical tube with a desiccant and send them to us.

Other Points to Note

  • Please indicate the surface for measuring.
  • Be careful not to touch the sample surface for measuring.
  • For samples that may be altered by exposure to air, please consult us.
  • Please ship fragile samples in a cardboard box with package cushioning.
  • Samples that need to be chilled should be sent by chilled parcel delivery service in a styrofoam box with ice packs.
  • Samples that need to be frozen should be sent by frozen parcel delivery service in a styrofoam box with dry ice to avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles of the samples.
  • Biological samples to be analyzed must be non-infectious. Analysis results must be used for research purposes only and not for diagnositic and therapeutic purposes.

Consultation and application for analysis

Our knowledgeable sales representatives will propose the most appropriate analysis plan.
Please feel free to contact us for a quote on the cost of your analysis.
For consultation and application, please use the inquiry form or call us.

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