[AFM]Atomic Force Microscopy

AFM is a method of scanning the surface of a sample with a microscopic tip to measure nanoscale irregularities in three dimensions.

[AFM-MA, AFM-DMA] Atomic Force Microscope based Mechanical Analysis/Atomic Force Microscope based Dynamic Mechanical Analysis

AFM-MA and AFM-DMA are analyses that can provide insight into hardness.

[AFM-IR] Atomic Force Microscope based Infrared Spectroscopy

AFM-IR operates as an optional feature of the AFM (Atomic Force Microscopy) system, sometimes referred to as nanoIR (product name).

[SCM] Scanning Capacitance Microscopy
[SNDM] Scanning Nonlinear Dielectric Microscopy

SCM/SNDM is a method to visualize the carrier distribution in two dimensions by scanning the semiconductor surface with a conductive tip.

[SMM] Scanning Microwave Microscopy

The SMM uses a solid metal tip (made of Pt) to scan the sample and observe its unevenness.At the same time, by irradiating microwaves to the sample from the tip and measuring its reflection response, a signal correlated with carrier concentration can be obtained, especially in the case of semiconductors.The intensity of the SMM signal is linearly correlated with the carrier concentration, so it is characterized by high quantification.

[SSRM] Scanning Spreading Resistance Microscopy

SSRM is a method for visualizing the spread resistance just below the tip by scanning the surface of a biased sample with a conductive tip and measuring the distribution of the resistance in two dimensions.
When measuring silicon semiconductor devices, the sensitivity is dependent on the spatial resolution, but is greater than 1016 carrier concentrations per cm3.

[MFM]Magnetic Force Microscopy

MFM is a measurement method to obtain magnetic information by measuring the leakage magnetic field near the surface of a sample using a probe coated with a magnetic film.

[SRA] Spreading Resistance Analysis

SRA (Spreading Resistance Profiling) is also called SRP (Spreading Resistance Profiling), which is a method to measure the spread resistance by grinding the sample at an angle and putting two probes in contact with the grinding surface.

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