Greeting from the Chairman


There are high expectations for the rapid development of ICT (information and communication technology) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology in recent years, as well as the future development of quantum technology. As a result, it is foreseen that the industrial structure will change drastically, and the competition by the countries and companies not only in Japan but also around the world is becoming increasingly fierce. In addition, the development of clean energy and the technology that is friendly to the global environment is required to achieve the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), which is the common goals of the international community.
In order for Japan to survive the competition of the information society and achieve further growth in an environmentally friendly manner, it will be essential for Japan to innovate and develop its industries with more creative science and technology than ever before.
Since our establishment, we have conducted the basic research on cutting-edge new materials by our own hands, subsidized various research projects, and analyzed and evaluated new materials with the aim of contributing to the development of Japannese economy and society and the improvement of people's lives. In recent years, we have been actively working on the development of new technologies to integrate AI (artificial intelligence) and analytical technologies.
We would like to continue to fulfill our function and role as a staff that supports a nation that creates science and technology.


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