Approaches to ISO

We have introduced a management system in accordance with international standards in order to continuously contribute to manufacturing (monozukuri) in Japan through forefront analytical evaluation, research support and promoting projects on materials.
We are sincerely working on "protection of information security", "improve quality", and "respond to complains" in order to provide safe, reliable, and satisfactory support.


Tokyo Headquarters only
In June 2009, we obtained ISO 27001certification, an international standard for information security, As a neutral analytical support center, we protect confidential information.

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Tokyo Headquarters only
In February 2010, we obtained ISO 9001certification, an international standard for quality assurance. We work daily to improve our technical support for customer satisfaction.

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In August 2010, we obtained ISO 10002 certification, an international standard for handling complaints, and after subsequent operations, we declared self-conformity to ISO 10002 in October 2014.
We take your feedback very seriously and will continue to improve it.

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Consultation and application for analysis

Our knowledgeable sales representatives will propose the most appropriate analysis plan.
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