Biotechnology is a field expected for industrial applications based on biology. There is a growing need to evaluate differences in the concentration and structure of components in biological samples such as skin, hair, bone, teeth, blood, and urine.
The followings are examples of material analysis in the field of biotechnology.

評価対象 評価項目 Analysis Method
皮膚 薬効成分分布 TOF-SIMS
皮膚表面の分光イメージング スペクトルカメラ
毛髪 トリートメント成分分布 TOF-SIMS
歯・骨 組織構造 TEMTEM-EDXEELSRaman
血液 薬効成分・代謝物濃度 LC/MS/MS
尿 薬効成分・代謝物濃度 LC/MS/MS


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