MST is in the business of providing public service (contract analysis) and analysis and evaluation technologies.
In developing such services, it is important to "manage confidential information (ISO 27001 certified)" of samples and information provided by customers and "quality assurance" of the data provided.
MST has recently acquired ISO 9001certification, an international standard, in addition to making its own improvements in quality control and quality assurance for the purpose of customer satisfaction. As a result, we have established a management system that constantly uses the PDCA cycle for improvement activities in accordance with international standards.
In the future, we will continue to improve our employees' awareness of customer satisfaction and quality with the aim of providing services that will further satisfy our customers.

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QMS Basic Policy

※QMS:Quality Management System,

Based on the principle of "Let's contribute to the world's science and technology through creation" set forth by Teiichi Yamazaki, the first Director at the establishment of the Foundation, the Foundation aims to promote materials science and technology by conducting basic research on materials in the field of science and technology, and by analyzing and evaluating materials, thereby contributing to the development of Japan's economy and society and improving the lives of the people.

1 January 2020

Registration Overview

Organization Name. The Japan Foundation for Materials Science and Technology
Standard ISO 9001:2015
Certification Registration Number FS 554234
Initial Registration Date February 8, 2010
Expiry date February 7, 2022
Scope of Registration Materials evaluation, promotion and research businesses
Certification Body BSI Group Japan K.K.

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