As a neutral, third-party organization, we conduct objective inspections and analyses. We analyze the results of various analyses in a complex and comprehensive manner, and based on the results of these analyses, we clarify information related to samples, products and their manufacturing processes.
It also ensures the reliability of analysis results by establishing traceability of a series of processes from sample receipt and opening to various analyses.

Litigation Support Services

If you need neutral agency findings to protect your intellectual property rights, address product failures, inform your legal strategy, or obtain neutral agency findings, MST's litigation support services are available to you.

Since 1984, we have provided appraisals on semiconductors, flash memory, power semiconductors, liquid crystal displays, organic electroluminescence, and batteries.

Power Device

It's possible to observe the structure inside the packaging by non-destruction using X-ray computed tomography. It's possible to be to do confirmation of device structure and elemental analysis using SEM,TEM and specify constituent materials.

The structure inside the packaging can be observed nondestructively using X-ray CT. It is also possible to identify the constituent materials by confirming the device structure and performing elemental analysis using SEM and TEM.


Observation of microstructure by TEM and electron diffraction Various manufacturing processes such as deposition, etching, and annealing can be estimated.
In addition, TEM-EDX can be used together to identify the constituent materials of each structure.

OELD displays

Pixel array and shape evaluation using optical microscopy and SEM, as well as chromatography and TOF-SIMS. Component estimation of the luminescent and hole transport layers It is possible to Component identification is combined with simulation to provide more reliable results.


By observing the detailed structure of each member with SEM, it is possible to estimate the surface treatment method, etc.
In addition, by detecting the characteristic constituents with XPS, AES, TOF-SIMS, etc., it is possible to detect the raw materials and their Knowledge of the mixing ratio can be obtained.

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