Nirasaki Sales Office

We aim to become a base that connects the technical issues of our customers in the Koshin region with the analysis of our Tokyo headquarters (laboratory).
As your second laboratory, we can also provide web-based on-site analysis in conjunction with our Tokyo headquarters.
We provide MST analysis and analysis technology services from close to our customers.
There is an exclusive parking lot in front of the office for two cars.



Address・Phone number

Location Fujii Office C, 647-1 Minami-Shigejo, Fujii-cho, Nirasaki City, Yamanashi Prefecture, 407-0004, Japan
Phone number +81-5-5145-6025


  • About 5 minutes from the Nirasaki IC on the Chuodo Expressway.
  • 14 minutes walk from Nirasaki Station on the JR Chuo Honsen Line

Message from Nirasaki Sales Office

This is the first sales office in the Koshin region. We will continue to provide services that are rooted in our customers and the community.
We can come to your company for analysis and consultation, and we can also hold analysis and seminars at the MST Nirasaki office.
Please feel free to contact us for more information.
We work closely with our head office labs to ensure quality and delivery to your satisfaction.

Consultation and application for analysis

Our knowledgeable sales representatives will propose the most appropriate analysis plan.
Please feel free to contact us for a quote on the cost of your analysis.
For consultation and application, please use the inquiry form or call us.

Inquiry Form

Analysis Inquiry Form